Nike Vision – Amar’e Finally Found His Basketball Goggles

For the second straight year, New York Knicks Power Forward Amar’e Stoudemire will wear custom-made Nike Vision basketball goggles. Stoudemire was wearing Oakley protective eyewear from 2009. when he injured his eye (detached retina) in a game against LA Clippers.

It was very well known that the Knicks player wasn’t too happy with his Oakley’s basketball goggles, although they served their basic protection purpose. Something had to change and by the end of 2010. he approached the Nike Vision team to address this situation. After all was said and done, Stoudemire wanted more comfortable and lighter goggles. After the long and rigorous testing, Nike Vision team did just that.

“The goggles are more steady. They went through a whole laboratory system to figure out whether they can be compatible with the way I play and also the contact of the sport. They’re real good. They feel good. It’s amazing technology. I didn’t know there were labs at Nike factory, but they’ve got it covered”, Stoudemire said for ESPN.

New Amar’e goggles have protective eyewear lens, which is anti-reflective and resistant to fog, sweat, and grease. They are also made from the finest polycarbonate and without a single piece of plastic. As the representatives of Nike Vision team said, they wanted to make the goggles that allow clear vision, as well as improve the peripheral vision angle. Judging by Amar’e reaction, it seems they did a pretty good job.

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5 thoughts on “Nike Vision – Amar’e Finally Found His Basketball Goggles

  1. paul varenholt

    How can I get a pair of these.

    Seems that many do not prevent the eye poke from coming under the goggles except for these from what i can tell.

    1. hk79

      No glasses can protect you eyes in 100% cases, but there’s bigger possibility for injury if you don’t wear them at all. 🙂

  2. john f

    how do u order the exact ones amare wears r they for sale

    1. hk79


      Well, you can look them up on Amazon and similar sites. I don’t know if you can get that exact glasses, though, cause those glasses were custom made for Amare.

  3. Katrina McClain

    I would like to purchase a size 62 for my son. How can i do that?

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