Rave Protective Eyewear Review

Rave Protective Eyewear glasses are designed to protect your eyes from injuries on the sports field – most people use them primarily for racquetball, but you can wear them on a basketball or even tennis court, too.

Pyramex Highlander XP Goggles Review

Pyramex Highlander XP goggles were made for most outdoor sports, but due to their lightweight they are also suited for basketball or racquetball. These goggles come with a strap, which can be replaced at any time, just like the lenses. As with most Pyramex products, lenses are designed for ultimate protection against 99,9% of harmful UV rays.

Nike Vision – Amar’e Finally Found His Basketball Goggles

For the second straight year New York Knicks Power Forward Amar’e Stoudemire will wear custom made Nike Vision basketball goggles.

Tony Parker Will Wear Basketball Goggles After A NY Nightclub Fight

French and San Antonio Spurs superstar Tony Parker recently joined the large list of NBA players who wore, or who are still wearing the protective basketball goggles, after injuring his eye in a New York nightclub.